True innovation is a vector, physical movement into unchartered space where you can place your discovery flag. Our unifying guide is in creating "Solutions that Save Years ™".

The following are examples in different categories.


There are important issues to fix in the world. True innovation in the product medium is about functional innovation- performing new jobs for consumers. They are the physical proof of the brand, but if designed well, also a core brand message themselves, and emotional as well as physical beacon.


We love solving for both "Little Brand Bigs" (to catapult young brands into the arena fighting way above their weight class, but also solutions for Big Brands Reborn. Competitive/Consumer overlap openings & positioning. Messaging. Image, Personality, Semiotics & Symbolism. Expression/Mediums (packaging, digital, product).


Overall, out template process is called "Transimagination™" as it goes beyond concurrent engineering into producing tangibles. DFIP™ (Design For Intellectual Property™)


Client installs: macros processes to physical skunkworks (people, process, tools).

We have, collectively, the deepest bench in global talent from dozens of specialists in the top 1% in their fields. From automotive engineering to data architects to chemical engineering and of course industrial designers, brand architects, and production engineers.

We work in all product/consumer categories - not from lack of focus, but from our focus on higher level creation. One of our core philosophical tenets is: as you move from creating the new in a category to the level of true Invention innovating becomes "supra-categorical" and solution structures archetypal. Thus in brand innovation, we focus on inventing and creating wholly formed new People (completely new personalities, behaviors and value systems) and in Product innovation, whole new functional platforms. This is also why we even innovate the processes around each, for example, within new product development, we've designed the DFIP (Design For Intellectual Property) to get our clients off their 3 year product lifecycle treadmills into 20 year monopolistic competitive value by delivering new patented innovation.