Creating tomorrow; today.

We create the egg, you plump the chickens.


Our purpose, our difference. EGG is Ren Moulton and EGG’s talent collective from around the world that come together in custom configuration based on each specific client mission, to move their innovation needles, but through a holistic and single lens. A globally networked problem solving and creating Brain.


Before: We’ve come together from every discipline, domain and country. Every company wants the best most experienced branding firm or agency, the best product ID firm, the best business strategy firm.

We currently work for or have worked for every one of those firms and come from every top feeder institutions with our collection of MBAs, MAs and MFAs. In each case we've find something lacking with each model, ID without reality of design for manufacturing, business strategy as theory vs. tangible action, branding building relationship & gravity without underlying product proof controls. All: delivering concepts with attached market mysteries.

new model

New model: Brand and Product innovation are the key drivers of Business Strategy (in the Differentiation core choice), but focused apart, they thrust a company in different sections. We exist to provide the overlapping lenses in business strategy, brand strategy, and product strategy for a true singular unified view, that together they are part of the Total Consumer Emotional Delivery, which cannot exist in a traditional company structure. That's why we promise to create tangible Greenspaces for clients vs. Finding consultant speak Whitespaces for them and wishing them luck.

our core

Our core operating belief is new value creation should and can be a virtuous cycle, and our idealism guides our focus on establishing a Balance of Benefits™ for our client companies, the consumer and the innovation team at the same time.

it works

Why it Works. Capability has been previously siloed due to limited mental constructs (misunderstanding of the boundaries of innovation) and the organizational structure itself (organization/servant model and competitive ownership of individual practice leaders at different firms). We work together for ourselves and collectively.